A new and modern UPVC Conservatory can give you extra room to breathe in your home, whether you want to create a garden room, a dining room, study or even a play room a conservatory gives you freedom to extend and enjoy your home to its full potential.

Every conservatory that we at Napier windows complete is completely individual to your property and your specific needs.  Providing additional living space that can be used whatever the weather all year round due to the high energy efficiency levels and heat retention. No matter the style, size or shape of your new conservatory you’ll find yourself enjoying and taking advantage of this recent addition, whether that be for relaxing, working or entertaining.


These affordable and stunning additions to your property will be made just for you and you can speak to one of our experienced surveyors to get more advise and finalise the details down to; Colours, Shapes, Styles, Designs, final touches and Roof Styles. All ground work/ bases/ brickwork can also be carried out by ourselves, so you don’t have to do a thing. Get in touch with the office to sort a price out for yourself.


Edwardian Conservatory

  • Incorparating graceful and stylish design features characteristics of the Edwardian era, Edwardian architects tended to combine bold, balanced outlines with decorative finials, cresting’s and finishes borrowing details from a number of historical periods
  • The rectangular shape creates maximum floor space
  • The Edwardian conservatory offers refined living space combined with a timeless appearance that tribute properties old and new
  • Bright, airy living space that can be used all year long
  • Plenty of options: – Size, Layout, Colour, Decorative finishes, Glass Types

Victorian Conservatory

  • Add a bold and elegant statement to your home with a Victorian style conservatory. With the bay – Curved frontage it’s the ideal conservatory for a modern or Victorian home
  • The timeless style of the Victorian conservatory, allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of your garden
  • Versatile roofing system which allows you to choose your own span and pitch of the roof, so there is basically no limits to the shape, size or configurations available
  • Bright, airy living space that can be used all year long
  • Personalise it the way you want it; Shape, Layout, Size, Colour and finishing

Lean to Conservatory

  • The perfect solution for your property if you have less space or height in which to extend your home
  • Make the most of the space you have with a lean to conservatory; the adjustable pitched roof allows it to fit and look the part in any available space
  • Most cost effective Conservatory, the simple but clean finished conservatory roof is the cheapest of styles
  • Reminiscent of a Mediterranean Sunroom, create your perfect garden room a reality, designed and finished to your own unique specification
  • Plenty of options :- Size, Layout, Colour, Decorative finishes, Glass Types

Gable End Conservatory

  • Similar in appearance to Edwardian conservatories, the difference being that the front panel of the roof is set at a vertical rather than sloping to the centre, therefore creating a real sense of height and volume
  • The pitch of the gabled roof can be set to suit the property, the simple rectangular shape but pitched roof gives the room a elegant and spacious feel
  • From the outside a gabled conservatory, has an appearance of classic beauty and will give your home a prestigious extension. Enhancing your living space and adding significantly in aesthetics and real value
  • Like the rest of the conservatory ranges they can be personalised the way you want with designs and colours of your choices


As like the Doors and Windows our conservatories are available in a wide range of colours. We try our upmost to offer what you as the customer may want to help blend your new conservatory into its surroundings